Travelling to Torres Del Patagonia in Chile

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May 30, 2017
Torres Del Patagonia

Where is Patagonia located?

Patagonia is one of the beautiful place in which it includes the interesting adventures with amazing environment. It is located in the south side region of the Independent Chile and Argentina countries. It is the best place present in the Southern Hemisphere and gives home or living place to the rarest trekking routes. This place will satisfy the imaginations of the person who are very interested in the natural view. It is fully covered by sea-shores, different types of plants and forestry areas. The main activities of the country are tourism, sheep farming and the oil extraction. The population density of the sparse is 1.1 per km2 but in the main area like Punta Arenas will give living places to the 120000 people. This place is completely measured by its immensity and beauty.

Specialty of the place:

This park area consists of different types of forests, lakes, more number of rivers and flora, fauna like pumas, guanacos and foxes. This park is visited by 10000 people per year. The main attractive areas of this place are French valley, Los cuernos and Paine towers. The popular routes of this area is ‘W’ trek and ‘O’ route. Its co-ordinates are 73 degree- west longitude and 50 degree- south latitude.

This place is the diverse area of wildlife animals, mammals and more unique bird’s type. There are 4 types of vegetations used in this area and rarest 15 types of mammals like guanaco and culpeo foxes, etc are seen in that area. 115 types of birds-life are present there including, the most important bird called Andean Condor which has 3.2 meters of wingspan.

Climate and weather condition of Patagonia:

You can feel a warm condition in the early summer and winter season. Even in the summer time also it contains high wind in the speed of 130km/hr and rainfall. The maximum temperature of Patagonia is 11degree Celsius ie, 52 degree Fahrenheit. It can be varied up to 24 degree maximum/2 degree minimum. In the night time it has the weather condition like -1 degree to -5 degree.

How to travel to Torres Del Paine:

Travelling to the Patagonia is not similar to travel to the other places in South America. Because this place is not cheap, it has some difficulties to travel within the tight budget. So be sure you had enough money to travel to that place with correct plan.

Puerto Natales is the common place to travel or trek the whole area. You have to stay in that town at least one day to buy some important things for travel, buying tickets and stay in Refugio. If your budget is very tight, buying food supplies in the town is the best way, because in the Refugio the cost of food is very high. Hence you have to buy your neediest things in town area. Be sure you have to hold the light weight of food and it must be the water based one like, instant soups, instant mashed potatoes, etc. Because it is very easy to take your things at trek with light weight.


There are plenty of accommodations spot present in the Puerto Natales, but in season time like October to April it is very difficult to get rooms with affordable prices. So you have to make the reservations before going to the place. The minimum amount of accommodations with decent cost is about $9.000 to $12.000 per person, for double room it may take $25.000 to $35.000. Most of the hotels provide free luggage storage, so you can’t take your bag throughout the trek.

There is the possibility to stay in the luxury hotels, if your budget is that much. More number of Refugio is also present for your stay.

  • The Fantastico sur is the campsite and refugios present in the east area of the park.
  • The Vertice Patagonia is the campsite and refugios present in the west area of the park.


You have to hold the cloths with 3 thermal layers, one thermal sleeping bed sheet and trek shoes/gloves. Also use sun mask layers because the radiation of the sun is very intense in that place. Hope you had valid informations about Patagonia.

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